Being a Rock lover of the 60’s and 70’s I’ve come to Appreciate the New Indie Movement! This is where Today’s Music Resides and it’s Stellar.  AAS Electronics/Digital  Computers, SAU-Tech ’81.

Indie Rock is where it’s at in today’s music. It’s where the creativity is and the passion & could be the future of all music.

One piece of music means different things to different people. How we interpret lyrics and music has to do with our own experiences. In my reviews, I relate to what I’ve experienced in life and there’s no way I can relate to anybody else’s experiences in life.  So, when you are using one of the many listening avenues on this site, while reading a review, the points I’m making could relate or may not relate.  There are, however, great story lines in albums that need to be explored.  What does the album mean to me is the best question one can ask.  I hope you enjoy.

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