Kulture Kill – Bent – Album Review

Kulture Kill – Bent

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

Just a little intro as to how I got turned on to Kulture Kill. My son has lived in Shreveport for almost 10 years and is a Sound Tech. He’s worked around at some of the nightclubs and in his work, he’s had the opportunity to meet this incredible Hard Rock/Metal Band, purchase their Album Bent and he gave it to me to listen to. I was blown away and the rest is history.
Bent begins with spoken word followed by an impressive melodious shower of Raw Metal. Lyrically brlliant with forceful vocals and sublime percussions. Time sig changes are a Super touch with some melodious Metal riffs and great percussions. The vocals are something to behold because they are pure Straight Metal vocals, no gutterals at all.
Catorce’ – Begins with power riffs that Rock nicely. Vocals on all tracks are forceful and sure, with a melodious Metal voice. One of the Best true male fronted Hard Rock/Metal Bands I’ve heard in a very long time. My ears are screaming “Crank it up!”.
Sentient – Begins with dueling guitars and a spoken word with the powerful vocals coming in like a hurricane. Some Rocking guitar riffs reverberate with smashing vocals and excellent percussion. Lyrical depth is awesome.
Again – Slowing things down a bit, some kick ass guitar riffs and melodious power vocals begin the track. The percussions are brilliant with pounding prowess while the riffs come across with a juiced up melodious rage of brilliance.
Bring it Down – Fifth song on the Album starts off very Rocking Thrash Metal. Hellacious Riffs, Metal percussions and some powerful vocals ring out Rocking Melodious Raging Bull that kicks ass. Time sig changes with a Rocking spoken word chant that leads back to the powrful vocals that seem to be a trademark of this Album.
Look At Me Now!!! begins with some excellent vocals and power riffs a Hard Rock/Metal fan will enjoy. Lyrical depth is deep and wide with some fantastic percussions.
Wake Up begins with a Rockingly melodious Bass riff that fans will enjoy. The heavy guitar riffs are something to Rock out to and the percussions are always creative and precise. Time sig change slows things down yet the track it spot on Hard Rock/Metal and then changes back to a Rocking set of riffs and power vocals. When I say power vocals, I mean straight vocals, yet powerful. Not even a throaty purr in this Album. Just Straight-Up Straight power vocals.
Levee starts things off with a slower tempo yet is unmistakeably Hard Rock/Metal. Forceful vocals with some time sig changes that take the song from a softer Metal to a Raging Bull and back to the slower beat. Excellent guitar solos, riffs and the percussionist is there accentuating every riff and vocal with precision.
This Album has everything a Hard Rock/Metal fan is looking for, the well placed power riffs, the vocals are brilliantly forceful with excellent percussions. The sonics are great and there is a super story being told throughout the Album. Bent gets a two thumbs up.

Buy the Album here:http://www.amazon.com/Bent-Kulture-Kill/dp/B00KK1QBF2/ref=sr_1_2?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1426092827&sr=1-2&keywords=Kulture+Kill

Dark Horse Flyer – Breakaway – Album Review

Genre: Rocking Blues

Rating: Two Thumbs Up, with the @carayzeediamond seal of approval!
Dark Horse Flyer is a Rock & Blues Band from South Florida in the like mold of Gov’t Mule, Allman Bros, Little Feat & Steely Dan with a little bit of a feel of Gerry Rafferty. Breakaway has an air about the album that I hear with The Moody Blues and has an Excellent production team.

The Album begins with Hurricane that starts off with a Rocking set of riffs, percussions and keyboards. An Excellent Instrumental Intro to the Album that has this listener saying, “Oh, Yeah!” You can hear the soulful Rocking Blues aspect of the track
Seasons Four – The end of the Winter, the beginning of Spring and the yearning to know what lies in front of us. The seasons of life are like the seasons of this region the Band is singing about. Sublime lyrics, vocals and sonics. Some powerful, thought provoking vocals/lyrics are the underlying theme until the riffs/solos & keys come in. It’s almost like there’s a subliminal vocal enhancer because the vocals really come out and all at once the music gives a defining moment.
Breakaway – Some sublime picking begin the track. Spent a lifetime living up to promises made, such insightful lyrics delivered by a set of pipes we all wish we had. Thought provoking track with some blissful type of outstanding arrangement for sure.
You’ve Got Your Reasons – A Rocking groove with the trademark Dark Horse Flyer sound. This is Top Shelf. When I think of Southern Rock, this is what I think of, intelligent, thought provoking, grooving and flowing easily. Just a Superb offering from Dark Horse Flyer.
Evil Woman – A quintessential Dark Horse Flyer track & they’re offering a free download at the moment for this one. A Rocking Blues power story about the woman. Upbeat and Rocking are some superlatives for this track and I would say it is the Best track, but I’ve heard all of them and they all are the Best. Deeply impressive, deep lyrically and the sonics of this track are as though inducing as the entire album. By the time you get to this song, you will realize what a gem you have with this album.
Since You’ve Been Gone – Slow, Rocking groove begins an excellent track. The lyricist in this song allows much thought process of how this relates to us. Some bluesy guitar and it sounds like back to back solos of some of the most Rocking Blues licks I’ve heard.
You’ve Got A Hold On Me – Upbeat and positive beat groove. lyrically & vocally Rocking with some excellent sonics. A Rocking attraction tune of a woman who has us in deep though about her qualities. This is truly a Super upbeat song that one will never get enough of.
Better Days – A slower groove of Blues Rock with excellent vocals and sonics. A Rocking Love Tune that’s very Bluesy and Sublime. Some fantastic riffs and great percussion section Rock out a positive groove.
No Good – Some Rocking grooves with the keyboard and percussion section. What impresses me the most from this song and the entire album is that it’s all positive. It’s all upbeat with a good mood experience and a good Blues Rock experience. A fitting end to the album with the sonics and vocals as well as lyrically.
This is the best Blues Rock offering, released 9/30, of 2014 I’ve heard from any Band. A powerhouse of a Blues Rock Album and there’s no weak spot. Every track is spot-on excellent and the folks who’ve been lucky enough to hear them in concert will agree. I would highly recommend catching this Band in concert and owning this Superb Rocking Blues Album.

Don Mularz (lead vocals, guitar)
Scott Lane (guitar, vocals)
John Tillman, (guitar)
Richard Taylor (bass)
Raul Hernandez (drums, percussion)
Bob Taylor (keyboards)

Pallas – wearewhoweare – Album Review

This review is a special one – a duo review by Angelo Hulshout and Bruce W. Waren. It appears on both their blogs, as linked above. We’ve chosen to not write a combined review, but instead to merge two reviews. We added our names in front of the sections we each wrote, for clarity – with the effect that all tracks are discussed twice.

Pallas wearewhoweare

Angelo Pallas have been part of the progressive rock scene since 1974, but only became really known when their first album Arrive Alive appeared in 1981. After being absent, at least album release wise, since 1986, they’ve been quite active again since the late 1990s. With singer Paul Mackie replacing Alan Reed after 26 years in 2010, the band seems to have entered into a new phase of its life cycle, with a fresh record deal with Music Theory/Mascot records under the belt, the second of which is this wearewhoware.

Bruce: Shadow of the Sun – Superb sonics and beats begin the Album with Stellar vocals. The Story  is about being in the Shadow of the Sun. Upbeat and positive with some fantastic vocals and lyrics.  Living in the Shadow of the Sun under the most dire of circumstances.

Angelo: Shadow of the sun starts with some keyboards and effects, but quickly a pumping bassline and guitar lead take over – with the keys joining in again. The voice of Paul Mackie is quite different form what Alan Reed did in the past, his somewhat higher pitched voice gives this track a nice heavy rock feel. His singing emphasises the drama of the main characeter in the song moving on to a ‘new life’. The instrumental ending fits very nicely with that.

Bruce: New Life – A lyrical masterpiece that speaks of our problems, self absorbed, yet it’s our life to do as we choose.  Hauntingly beautiful vocals, great guitar riffs and spot on percussion section gives this song brillance.

Angelo: This track is mainly driven by the keyboards and brilliant drums, accompanying the drama and emotion of the vocals – singing about finding the beautiful things in life. The guitars join in briefly half way, and come back for a great solo at the end.

Bruce: Harvest Moon – Change of pace, yet has the hauntingly beautiful vocals & lyrics, almost a chanting soleloquy.  Time change occurs, perfection, throaty yet not guteral chant along with a bible tune chant which works like a swiss watch movement adding to the mistique of the song. Yet another time change with some stellar guitar riffs & the song is over, leaving one wanting more of this excellent song.

Angelo: On Harvest Moon, the vocals become haunting, over a slow, rhythm that makes you feel something bad is going to happen. The same feeling I got recently with Edison’s Children‘s Morphlux… The vocals tell the story of a character using the bible to protect himself from the horrors that happen at harvest moon, when the bird-beast is around. They are countered by a horror movie like voice half way, after which a bombastic, fitting instrumental follows. The instrumental ending, with only the voices of angels singing remaining ends this scaringly good song. Did I mention the bass on this album is brilliant?

Bruce: And I Wonder Why – A definite change of pace, more towards the Rock realm . Excellent sonics, lyrcs and vocals.  You will be blown away by the riffs and the percussion section is very spot on! That’s four Rocking songs to begin this Album.

Angelo: Telling the story of a character leaving his little angel, perhaps a child, And I Wonder Why, is a very nice composition. A slow intro, a bass driven rhtyhm and guitar and vocals alternating creates an atmosphere that breaths drama, and sometimes anger and despair. The ending, where despair seems to take over results in an increase in speed, culminating in a keyboard whirlwind and an almost metal like guitar solo. A perfect build up if ever there was one.

Bruce: Dominion – Dark theme at the start but it’s refreshing, almost relieving, with great vocals, sonics & lyrics. It speaks of Love having dominion & rebuilding Jerusalem when the time sig changes to a more upbeat, Rocking tune that will have you in Superb thought patterns. Very captivating song that will have you on the edge of your seat. A nine + minute epic of utter bliss.

Angelo: If drums can haunt, they certainly do it at the start of Dominion, where they accompany a voice that sings about love and the building of Jerusalem. The lyrics on the album seem to tell a story, but I need more time to figure it out, this is an album to last in that respect. This track, the longest of the album, is almost a mini epic, with changes in mood, tempo and instrumentation. The instrumental pieces half way – keyboards and guitar, later piano, and then a guitar driven piece, show what 40 years of composing and playing can lead to. Another great track.

Bruce: Wake Up Call – Again, I cannot over-emphasize hauntingly Rocking as an adjective to describe this Album and also that can be used as accolades.  A unique song sonic wise and lyrically, vocally and percussion-wise. The lyrics are deep, so deep that I would call this an ultimate song for folks who enjoy Albums that require thought and a thought journey into the outer bounderies of your consiousness.

Angelo: It is time we wake up and stop hurting ourselves, society and our planet. That seems to be the message of Wake up call. A track in which a gloomy, rhythm lies underneath the versus, and goes on into what builds up into a wall of sound during the choruses. The drummer is the ruler on this one for sure.

Bruce: In Cold Blood – Starts off with a cool slow groove, time sig change and then an upbeat, rocking song called Winter is Coming, another uplifting thought process sonics even though the lyrics & vocals have a dark theme.  This dark/light conrast song is brilliantly written and delivers a very powerful performance.  The excellent contrast is also shown by changes in sonics, percussion , if not time sig changed per say.  A beautiful song by any definition and one you will want in your library.  The change between In Cold Blood and Winter is Coming is practically unnoticeable unless one is right there to see the track change.

Angelo: The shortest track of the album, with mainly keyboards and vocals, In Cold Blood, tells about a dream. A relaxed, nicely written point of rest in this album. It is followed directly by one more, song about dealing with each other and our world, Winter is coming. The dark opening fits is followed by a piece of music that is easily the best on this album. The way the bass and guitar appear, after being quiet for a short while is almost as if Rush have taken possesson of Pallas, but without the latter using their own signature. Fabulous ending of the album.

Bruce: wearewhoweare Megamix – The namesake song for the Album and they saved a tremendous offering for the last. Just an utterly Brilliant Album with some powerful riffs, some excellently deep lyrics and spot on vocals.  Time Sig changes, changes in song complexion with sublime sonics and would you die for our souls?  This song kind of hauntingly goes over the entire album with a sublime outlook and an upbeat feeling that will have you on your seat with it’s changes, whether in the sonics or the vocals and naturally deep subject matter.

Angelo: The wearewhoweare megamix gives an overview of what is on the album. A nice add on bonus.

Bruce: Pallas in an interview said that they don’t consider themselves a straight Prog Band if I remember correctly but this Album has every element a Prog Album has to have. The songs have time signature changes, they tell a story & I’ve heard many different tine signature changes and I don’t recall any of them being 4/4, but I could be wrong…….That, my friend is either Prog or it’s the absolutely one of the Best Rock Albums I’ve ever heard.

Angelo: With wearewhoweare Pallas have returned to my regular listens, I lost track of them after The Wedge, at least as a listener. After hearing this, I’m definitely going to check out, finally, XXV as well, and then wait for their third album on this not-so-new-anymore record deal. Highly recommended, and glad to hear that band that was thought to be dying or dead for years is still around in this manner.

Bruce: Current band members:

  • Ronnie Brown – keyboards (1980–present)

  • Niall Mathewson – guitars (1980–present)

  • Graeme Murray – bass (1980–present)

  • Colin Fraser – drums (1998–present)

  • Paul Mackie – vocals (2010–present)

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Fire Garden – Sound of Majestic Colors – Album Review

Fire Garden – Sound of Majestic Colors – Album Review

Genre – Prog Metal/Rock

Rating: 2 Thumbs-Up, Highly Recommended

The opening of The Joker is fantastic with spoken word dialog building to a hellacious power riff that immediately put me in a Metal state of mind. Excellent vocals and deep lyrics with spot-on percussion. Alone Super time sig changes add to the wow factor of the album. I’m totally impressed with the changing gears throughout the album with the emphasis in that statement being that Fire Garden maintains the Metal feel of the first three tracks while doing so. With Time Machine, the haunting riffs/vocals have a great effect on the listener as well as a great bass line. A track that will have you coming back.

Endless Memories, Redemption Nice vocals and starting off easy and is sort of a catalyst track that propels us into the next phase of the album. The Fire Garden fans chipped in with versions of “I am free” in several languages which is totally cool and add significantly to Redemption.

Behind the Face – The return to Metal a Cool easy starting track that quickly transforms into a Metal laden riff that you can sink those Metal teeth into. It just keeps getting more and more Metal Rocks out Gold. Forsaken Begins with a Metal Riff followed by distinctively Metal picking. The vocals are sublime and the percussions are out of this World. Changing time sigs, riffs, vocals and the picking really set this track as my personal favorite of the album. Echoes in Silence Begins with a thunderous set of Metal riffs that are very cool. The vocals are super as the bass line and guitar. I also am very much enjoying the percussion. The track quickly changes gear and you gotta hear this to believe it. Super sonics and quickly switches back to the heavy Metal laden riffs and beats. Far From Grace Another fav of the album. This power track is a Rocking offering that will have your Metal senses rolling.

The Last Step The finale of the album starts off with some pure Metal strumming, heavy-duty style and quickly evolves into great guitar solo and perhaps slow but precisely Metal. The percussions are particularly Rocking.
The album definitely comes on as a concept album. The flow is very sweet and the lyrics are very deep. Power chording throughout the track with a tremendous melody and fantastic bass.
The album as a whole is a Rock Solid ProgMetal offering from Fire Garden. I’ve owned this album for a few months and it’s one of my favorite ProgMetal albums of the library. I highly recommend the offering and I’ve heard that the digital download is on sale for President’s Day but only for a couple of days, as it goes off sale Weds morning, suggesting that it’s as good a deal in ProgMetal as there has ever been. Be sure and check out their facebook page if you do FB, and enjoy the free listen! It’s all about the music!

Lyria – Catharsis – Album Review

Lyris – Catharsis – Album Review

Genre: ProgMetal

The True War – Fantastic Symphonic Beginning with Aline’s Super vocals and some throaty melodic responses from backing vocalist.  The lyrics are seemingly to me reminiscent of a real life situation in depth within my own life.  The visceral urge of a male dominant society trying to impose an element of control of the person to whom the album could be portraying.  Excellent Sonics with tremendous female fronted ProgMetal.

Revenge – The sweet sound of stereo separation of a guitar riff begin Revenge.  Some sweet riffs with cool percussion .  The story line is something that is appealing and it’s associated with an issue that effects millions of households worldwide and many can identify with.  The backing vocals are excellent as well.

Jester – Excellent Riffs, and the story talks about the visceral male urge to be the King in his own castle, yet we all know the home always belongs to the woman, an equal partner in the marriage.  The taller us men think we are, the farther we fall when the criticism comes along. Are we Kings or Jesters?  We should face our problems and live in the reality of a 50/50 society.  Now, the 9th and 10th listens, I think of perhaps a situation where the subject is perhaps a King somewhere that is more like a Jester than the King. Just an absolutely stunning portrayal of life.  An excellent story is unfolding within the Rocking riffs and Sublime vocals.  The events aren’t occuring at the moment but in my past I’ve seen a coupe and the sentiments of a man watching a loved one suffer is very powerful.

The Phoenix Cry – The story for me continues with the subject is under such torment that the bleak future has the subject hearing the Phoenix Cry. Some very powerful guitar riffs and the percussion screams out with the beautiful vocals on this track.

Reflection – The piano rings out along with vocals, viewing the reflection of who the subject is in the story that he/she is only a life, with the pulsating of the guitar ringing true and steady and the percussion spot on Rocking.  We are only one life, each of us and we all have secret treasures among us we try to hide.  Awesome guitar riffs throughout.

Insanity – The horror of someone or some force chasing the subject has he/she in a bad state of mind.  Rocking guitar and rhythm with the percussion pounding out a melodic force, this track has me in a temptingly curious state of mind and it’s building to a climactic finish for the track which leads into The Phoenix Rebirth.

The Phoenix Rebirth – The Phoenix Rebirth is like the Phoenix does, after being reduced to ashes, there is a rebirth instead of death.  Some sweet vocals and powerful guitar, percussion gives this track a sweet foundation for the solid lyrics.

Light and Darkness – The guitar work is fantastic with some solid riffs with the percussion pounding out a Rock solid melodious beat. The lyrics take us to the difference between light and dark.  Looking for the answers as to why there was a rebirth and why there was a death to begin with from my vantage point with very powerful vocals.

What Do You Want From Me – The soul cries with a beautiful flute playing when the power chords and percussion breaks out. The vocals are perfect  and awe inspiring with some cool guitar solos that Rock very nicely.

Craven – Sweet acoustic guitar begin the track with the sublime vocals and the story line continues to grow to a finale of tears and joy. This is a super powerful story with excellent sonics.  The percussion are melodious and very uniquely touching in the mind.  I really enjoyed this album.  I’ve listen to it at least 10 times and every time it touches me in a different way, which very few albums have ever done.

I’ve been told by another listener that this story could even be put to the story of Jesus with the phoenix and rebirth and I can really see that in the story as well. The story flows effortlessly throughout the album, whether it’s this or that is immaterial, it flows nicely  This album touches on so many fronts that there’s bound to be something in there for everybody.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Lyria | Catharsis | CD Baby Music Store.

Lyria | Catharsis | CD Baby Music Store

Leon Alvarado – Music From An Expanded Universe – Album Review

Leon Alvarado had a gem with this Rocking Instrumental Album!  Progressive Rock, Ambient and Fusion are the types of music any Rock fan enjoys when just in a laid-back listening mood!  This Album covers that entire spectrum with upbeat moods, Rocking progressions and sweet Fusion making for a Sublime listening experience.

Music From An Expanded Universe is Rock-Solid, whether you are a Stoner or just kicking-back, wanting to listen to some great tunes. A five track Album that brings you to some upbeat and positive vibes that will create a great listening experience and provide a positive thought process. This Album is Highly Recommended Rock Listening and also Highly Recommended for your Rock Album Collection.

Leon Alvarado

Gaillion – Admit One – Album Review

Prologue – Age of Ignora – Excellent Progressive Rock Intro Song. Brilliance in the instrumental intro to deep lyrics, Interesting & Rocking Vocals begin and I think the beauty of this for one is that the song takes it’s time, blissfully uplifting and upbeat that immediately has the listener on a good journey. The Rise and Fall of the Nations, a historic subject where the past keeps repeating itself, from the dawning of the Nation where the good imaginations of the founding fathers mold and shape a Great Nation. The Nations rise and fall. The future is locked in the minds of the present. This is a reflection of what we believe now, we will be in the future. Nations rise and fall throughout history but this story seems to be about the underlying cause of the fall of a Nation which we all should know is the greed of the rich and the blind follow of a great majority of the masses.
Victory Parade – What is striiking in the beginning are the excellent percussion with great vocals and a super lyrical depth you would hear from Yes or Kansas. If you are a fan of Yes and Kansas, you will get into this Album quickly. A Battle is raging in the story line. The evil forces seek to overthrow the good intentions of the current regime. The savior in the story is having to live down past mistakes and the barrage of lies that followed. They finally down the savior by a plague that was cast over the masses it seems. As the good masses are devoured by a casting of blame towards them.
Impact Eighty – Sweet guitar riffs and excellent percussions begin this sublime track. The one who could save or was protecting the masses has abruptly departed. Taking the light from your eyes from your eyes suggests it was a G-d who left. A G-d who was a friend to the people with some sort of umbrella of truth.
The Grand Facade – Lovely track about the facade of lies that are told to prevent aggression in the masses. Teachng Confusion rather than the wisdom that should bind us and solidifying it with permanence as the forefather’s building blocks are cast down. This is coming across as the rise and fall of a nation, or the twilight of a once great nation as it is devoured because of money and the greed of it’s leaders. Amazing that this album is so spot-on concerning what’s going on now in the world we live in. The Story-line is taking shape nicely as it builds itself into a great and meaningful work of art.
In Spectral Eye – The underlying theme of this song is the perils of whisky, Beer and the smoke of lying tonges. What I was told in my youth was to stay away from Whiskey and Beer because they make us dumb. The dumbing-down of the nation in this instance keeps the cloud veil around the masses and the masses will continue to follow blindly without dissent. In all the lies and dumbness, the savior speaks to them from the beyond as if he will take them to a new world where they will become like him, devout with wonders, light in their eyes and able to do the wondrous same things as that savior.
Stellar Dreams – On the other front, the evil empire tries to escape the horrors of what they’ve created on a rapidly decaying Earth. Building colonies and trying in vein to get off the dying planet. But…the righteous and good people, being led by their savior, head to a portal to another planet, leaving the evilness of money and greed behind to be consumed along with the ignorant typ of the masses who created the problems by blindly following greedy leaders. A Battle ensues and the righteous have the upper hand, having the beauty of G-dly type weapons and faith of which to move mountains.
Red Sun Sets – Seems as though a Red Sun has entered the system and the fall of the evil and it’s greed, money is imperative. Their savior returns and it’s a joyous moment of fascination. A prophetic story of awe and wonder that only time will tell. The savior returns with a vengeance. The savior’s past is now as dead as the hypocrites who tried to keep his past alive. As the Red Sunsets!
This isn’t a religious story, it’s a story of how nations rise and fall, I’ve heard their stories and love will conquer all, as it has from the beginning of time. Just a sublime story, vocals, sonics and lyrical genius. I highly recommend this Album to anybody. This Album, Admit One, is a gripping story & one that will take you on a great, entertaining journey through the mindset of man, good and evil, with all the bells and whistles of humanity.
I would like to mention that if you enjoy Kansas or Yes, you will absolutely Love this Album. It’s not Kansas, nor is it Yes, but it definitely fits into the genre of them & every bit as exciting storywise, vocal wise and the sonics are just out of this world good. I would like to thank Gaillion for giving me the opportunity of reviewing this monumental Album.
Rating 5/5


Transport Aerian – LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE – Album Review

Transport Aerian – LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE
Transport Aerian

Love – Excellent Bass and guitar begin the song with haunting vocals present. A Rock Opera-Like song, filled with astonishing vocals, lyrics & sonics. Fantastic guitar solo jut after the middle of the song. The love laments for love and comes to grips with the perils and rewards of love. One word for Love; Rich.
Inspire – Nice piano intro that adds a sweet touch. The Love Story is evident now, She is unfaithful, or is she? She has been caught by overwhelming circumstantial evidence. Fantastic Prog song with the piano solo followed by the guitar solo. I’m noticing the almost Mozart way the arrangement comes together.
Fog Vision -The soul of the Album is unsure. haunting intro guitar solo. The woman wants to carry on & the soul of the story is wondering if it’s worth it or not. He knows better than speaking of it in public, but alone, there are books to tell abou it. Sweet lyrics, vocals and sonics fill this song.
Float – Nice intro with guitar picking on what seems to be acoustic and eventually an electric guitar joins in. Sweet change in time signature hits the song like a champ. A two minute blissful instrumental that’s both relaxing and thought inspiring.
Nightsky – Guitar intro, the soul of the Album is hearing wise words from his G*d, sobering words. The time has come. Sweet melody of guitars in the refrain. The soul sees what his life has become.
Winter – A tremendous guitar solo with keys accompanying. Great sonics with the ending being sweet vocals, the Winter of the soul.
Winter Solstice – A beautiful instrumental of multiple guitars picking, sending out a brilliant vibe of tranquility.
Triangle Town – Excellent guitars and a sublime spoken piece begins the song followed by a superb bass line with percussions. The soul of the Album goes through a tumultuous line of problems and I’ll let you see for yourself if he works them out or not! The reason the sonic quality isn’t a surprise to me is because I’m familiar with the Band’s music and those guys require it out of themselves. It is Tops on my Top 20 Stoner Albums for 2014 list and still a current Album.
Radio Void – Scents of the opening song, Love’s intro only shorter, with the same haunting guitar and vocals.A build up to a brilliant Prog Crescendo and a fitting ending! One of 2014’s finest Albums and in my book, one of the finest in the past 20 years. I know you will enjoy this solid as gold album that’s still current by all measurements.
Very Transport Aerian, very unique and hauntingly (in a good way) Rocking. The sonics are Tops in my book. An Album of Sublime Love Story that had me in a good place for the duration. The vocals are as absolutely stunning as the lyrics are deep. I got it. 45-46 minutes in length and a Highly Recommended Album for Rockers and Stoners alike!
5/5 Originality, Sonics, Lyrics, Vocals, and I Got it.
*released 22 April 2014 *

Hamlet: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, loops and samples triggering, real-time programming, Bass (6).
Stefan Boeykens: Guitars, guitar loops.

All music and lyrics except tracks 4 and 7 by Hamlet,
Tracks 4 and 7 by Stefan Boeykens.

Cover photo: Jan Michiels.

Recorded live during different performances in Belgium.

Mixed and produced by Hamlet.

Transport Aerian

Dave Kerzner – New World an Album Review

Dave Kerzner – New World

This Review is in my own words how I see the Album. I use metaphors to describe how I think this Brilliant Album is progressing. Thanks for reading!

1. Stranded (Part 1 – V)
Just put the music on and my attention has been captured. This Section of songs gives a good preamble for the entire Album. I’ll throw this in the same genre as Pink Floyd & Alan Parsons project. Taking it’s sweet time & brilliant on the sonic end & with lyrical depth only Gilmour, Waters, Wright or Alan Parsons could deliver on. Beautiful guitar, keys & percussion and nice vocals are there at the beginning and all through This Album. The backing vocals are outstanding & spot on. I would suggest getting the lyrics, You’ll want to sing along.

The Album is a conceptual and delves into the battles within the human consciousness. An awakening of sorts into what is real and the difference between right and wrong. An old Indian proverb tells us that there are two raging wolves inside us all, one evil and one good. Which one wins, one is inclined to ask. The wolf that you feed wins. The same is true of this magnificent Album., where there is a tumultuous battle going on. In the Deluxe edition, there are effectual elements that are well worth the extra bling. I highly recommend the Deluxe Edition. Buying the Deluxe version, you are able to play it one CD at a time, or, … deluge yourself in an almost spiritual immersion into one of the most critically acclaimed Albums of our time full throttle.

As the album progresses, the battles go on from one blissful song, to another, speaking of the fact that our body represents time. Like sands of the hourglass and our time is very short on earth in this costume that we wear. We have little time to keep on the right path, even though each path has many forks in the road that will either deliver us from the calamity we’ve brought ourselves to know or it will compound the error. Life is about choices, either we make the proper choice or we look to the short term gain/long term loss. And as in real life, each new problem we face incorporates the same amount of struggle and the future is made much easier when the good side of us is continuously fed. Bare in mind that everything is spot-on during the Album’s entirety. The sonics, the vocals, the backing vocals and the lyrics.

With the song Realign, the soul comes to the point where the good wolf has become very strong, going through the realization that life’s a stage where we must all play a part. The soul is awakening to a better way of life. Awaking to the good within us and realigning with all that is good. This Brilliant Album is short of 2.5 hours in length and while bringing an amazing performance can easily be an evenings worth of Blissful listening. Again, I would like to repeat: Get the lyrics because you will be right along with it all the way!

Nexus, New World & Redemption (Stranded, Parts VI-X) Well, I’m going to leave them be. I don’t want to spoil the ending and it’s very good. I Highly Recommend this Album to everybody who has ever even so much as thought about the struggles we go through on a Daily Basis, the ups and downs of life, the hills and valleys, which path to take or a number of life questions. I know you will enjoy!
Have an iPod or an Apple listening device? NO Problem! Bandcamp.com offers download formats for everything except PONO at the moment. I’m not so sure how long it will be before even PONO is offered! Bandcamp.com Rocks!

Dave Kerzner – Vocals Tracks 1-11
Keyboards Tracks 1-11
Guitar Tracks 2,4,6,9
Drum Programming Tracks 4,6,8
Fernando Perdomo – Guitar Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
Bass Tracks 1,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
Nick D’Virgilio – Drums Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7,9,10,11
Steve Hackett – Guitar Tracks 1,11
Francis Dunnery – Guitar Tracks 10,11
Russ Parish – Guitar Track 6
Colin Edwin – Bass Track 2
Billy Sherwood – Bass Track 5
Keith Emerson – Moog Modular Synth (via Sonic Reality) Track 5
Simon Phillips – Drums Track 5
Durga McBroom – Vocals Tracks 1,11
Lorelei McBroom – Vocals Tracks 7,8
Jason Scheff – Vocals Tracks 1,11
David Longdon – Vocals Track 10
Emily Lynn – Vocals Tracks 8,11
Lara Smiles – Vocals Track 8
Heather Findlay – Vocals Track 2
Maryem Tollar – Vocals Track 6
Christine Leakey – Vocals Track 7
Ana Cristina – Vocals Track 1

Produced by Dave Kerzner

Mixed by Dave Kerzner
except “Stranded” mixed by Tom Lord-Alge
Assistant Mix Engineering & Editing by Chris Holmes

Mastered by Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen for Lurssen Mastering

Artwork and Graphic Design by Christine Leakey
Cover Art by Dave Kerzner

Mother From The Sun by Marco Ragni — An Album Review by CarayzeeDiamond

Mother from the Sun – Album Review by CarayzeeDiamond
Marco Ragni – Artist
The Band:
Marco Ragni: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Mellotron, Greek Bouzouky, Drums and Programming
Enrico Di Stefano: Sax
Davide Gazzi: Acoustic Guitar
Luigi Iacobone: Flute
Enrico Cipollini: Electric Guitar
Giovanni Menarello: Acoustic Guitar
Alessandra Pirani: Lyrics
CarayzeeDiamond’s Take on What’s Happening With The Album:
1. Into the Wheel of Time – Complexity with Ease and Grace are descriptive words about the opening track. Vocals are easy as the breeze with clarity and great harmonics. Into the Wheel of Time – Our body is like time on our souls told as beautifully as it’s ever been told. 9:13 of shear epic music bliss, with saxophone heaven, time changes and everything you want to hear in a complete song.
2. Sea of Vibes – Another epic offering @ 15:15 (story I take to be about life and the longing to be accepted in life and in love) Begins rather easy at first then the rhythm picks up with excellent guitar play & water, yes water! Just beautifully done story about the struggles of life and being in a family that’s not your own nor do they want to be your own as they attempt to keep you under their thumb. This track is much more complicated yet also with an ease and grace only a master artist could pull off. The track rides on in guitar ecstasy & picks up tremendously with a groove and some great keys for an ending.
3. Panting – Short but sweet of the character running away from his problems and his family.
4. Haven of Marble 17:45 Epic! – Having left his family behind, with some beautiful guitar work, a tremendous melody & lyrics that are sure to Rock you, life is changing. Just a fantastic story that takes us on a journey. That nobody can protect us 24/7/52, nobody. So we must be strong on our own. The struggles of being free are tugging at him and people are turning away from him, declaring him a liar. The arrangement is sublime, with all the changes and almost theatrical, yet easy progressive style. This track will have you on a ride like a superb musical roller coaster. A track you will want to sit down and listen to. Just fantastic listening music. This epic fits in nicely to the theme and the story of the album, with changing time signatures, up, up, sideways and around “mood swings and saxophones” that do wonderfully with the lively creativity that’s called Haven of Marble. Damn sweet track.
5. Faint Memory – A beautiful track, 4:40 in length, This track to me is where the story shifts gear and shifts from my thoughts of my own upbringing to the real theme of the album as told by Marco Ragni. A relationship between man and nature which, incidentally, is what the answer to all our yearnings of life and in life. At some point in our lives, we either pull towards nature and good or towards greed, envy and strife. The story begins taking the shape of the artist-painting or eloquence and actually leaving my own thoughts of likeness of what I’ve lived, behind.
6. The Light is Burning – 2:22 – Speaks of how man has abused nature and has attempted to subdue earth to the point of destruction. Short and sweet with the beautiful arrangements and vocals.
7. Get out of Here – 2:10 – The character of the story realizes he has a choice to make and decides to make a change in the way he perceives the world and how he has been contributing to it’s demise.
8. Far Beyond The Line – 22:05 – The Change in my opinion. the character is having issues about it all and begins to understand the magnitude of what the earth’s destruction is doing. Wonderful guitar work & keys. the situation picks up with the wailing of the guitar and some great rhythm licks & climaxes with some guitar solo from bliss, itself. What I really like about this track and every track is that Marco takes his time on everything. No hurry here and it shows in the quality of this piece of work.
The confusion of the heart throws the character into a black hole, he seeks to retrieve his soul from the depths of despair and from the clutches of the forces contrary to nature or so I perceive.
9. The First Time I Saw the Sun – 1:19 An incredible catalyst instrumental that brings us to
10. Skies Painted By The Wind – 7:31 – A semi-epic tune of the character in the ebb of change in his thinking of how he wants to live and in harmony with nature. He sees the future and the future is looking as bright as the sun. The wind of change is sweeping across his soul and is awakening to a new day and a new era in his life. The music arrangement is plainly put, sublime.
11. In The Air – 3:13 – The character awakes to his new life. He realizes that this yearning takes two, whether it be his love or his love for nature and while seeking to be at one with all that is good he is contemplating his new found path.
12. Breathing – 1:18 – A catalyst instrumental track that connects the contemplation of the new path to
13. Northern Light – 4:00 – I’m having an eargasm as he lives his new found walk in life. Anything we have passion about, we become as one with and at one with nature and with love, the only engine of survival, it is the same. Beautifully done lyrics, vocals and arrangement. The character is now fully a part of the world he lives in and is content.
14. Mother From The Sun – 2:12 – A reprieve of sorts from track 1 with the character as one with nature, a complete 180 in his life and love does conquer all, and saves us all.

This Album is a Brilliantly Stunning release of the struggles man has to evolve from the origins of an animal to a a being with compassion. Some of us learn these valuable lessons early in life, some by midlife and some of us sadly enough, never learn the art of compassion. The character in the story goes from his noticing that something is terribly wrong & not being wanted by his own family to wake up to the fact that what isn’t right is his perception of how he should be and realizing that things will change for the better if he finds his path or the true path of life. The lyrics are masterfully written, and his vocals are sublime.
The arrangement is something like I’ve never heard before. It’s much more uniquely complex than anything I’ve ever heard yet the artistic beauty not only multiplies, but I had about 3 eargasms before Into the Wheel of Time ended and that was only the beginning.
Bottom line:
Artistic Quality 1-10 = 10 Reasoning: Evenly flowing, changing time signatures that happen almost without noticing the difference, Lyrics unlike anything I’ve ever heard and Vocals that I could listen to for the duration without getting knackered in the least. Very enjoyable Album.
Lyrical Quality 1-10 = 10 Reasoning: 1. Did the lyrics fit the music? 2. Does the story flow evenly, relevantly and concisely? 3. Are the lyrics understandable ( Did I “get” it?) Yes to all three questions.
Originality of Work 1-10 = 10 Somebody would be hard pressed to link this work with any other Artist work. Marco is much more complex and at the same time Sublime than whatever you want to stack up against this Album.
Arrangement 1-10 = 10 Reasoning: I’ll just refer you to the album. Listen to the instruments and how they interact with one another. Even the catalyst tracks took their time and everything flowed effortlessly no matter how complex. Brilliance.
Vocals 1-10 = 10 Reasoning. Marco did the vocals all by himself & without any backup vocalists. His voice is superb and his vocals demand a top rating.

50/50 Eargasm Quality. Original, Artistic Quality,Lyrical Quality, Arrangement & Vocals are 5 areas that matter most to the Artist and to the Music Connoisseur.