Cloud Atlas – Beyond the Vale – Album of the Week

Genre – Prog/Rock
Album of the Week
Cloud Atlas was nominated and won Best Newcomer at the Classic Rock Society Awards on Feb 15 of 2015!
Excellent Prog Album that made many top 10 lists for 2014, having been released in June.  This album is great from hitting play to the last track note.  Gentle flowing story with positive vibes puts one on a Rockingly sweet journey through the album.  Great sonics and super sweet vocals! Genuinely a Top Shelf album and I highly recommend this for your audio library!

**Cloud Atlas at CRS Awards!**

Dark Horse Flyer – Breakaway

It’s “The Year of the Horse”  Dark Horse Flyer, that is.  Breakaway is a Rock & Blues Band from South Florida and, let me tell you, they are good.  Whatever Brand of Rock you listen to, these guys connect with Rock on a level that I haven’t heard in a very long time.  They have a new Album out called Breakaway, it’s available in single and double vinyl as well as CD!  Take a listen for yourself and see about it!  Dark Horse Flyer made Album of the Week and Must Have Album.


Don Mularz (lead vocals, guitar)

Scott Lane (guitar, vocals)

John Tillman, (guitar)

Richard Taylor (bass)

Raul Hernandez (drums, percussion)

Bob Taylor (keyboards)

Album of the Week – Pallas – wearewhoweare

Pallas – wearewhoweare

If you missed the (House of Prog) Interview and Album play last week, don’t worry! This is a magnificent Album & I’m doing a joint Album review with Angelo Hulshout, a seasoned reviewer and a friend, sometime next week or the week after. The Album is Rock with hints of Prog. I hope you enjoy the free listen and take the Pallas plunge. I did!

Pallas - wearewhoweare

Peter Matuchniak – Destiny

Peter Matuchniak is Spot-On with his New Album called Destiny! This Prog/Jazz/Fusion Album will capture the taste buds of even the most discerning Rock Audiophile! It’s a sublime release that will have you mellowed out and thinking pleasant thoughts as it’s inherently uplifting! Album of the week on CarazeeDiamond’s List of Best Albums and it’s Highly Recommended Rock Listening! Excellent! It is available in a myriad of download formats, including flac, apple and mp3