Dark Horse Flyer – Breakaway – Album Review

Genre: Rocking Blues

Rating: Two Thumbs Up, with the @carayzeediamond seal of approval!
Dark Horse Flyer is a Rock & Blues Band from South Florida in the like mold of Gov’t Mule, Allman Bros, Little Feat & Steely Dan with a little bit of a feel of Gerry Rafferty. Breakaway has an air about the album that I hear with The Moody Blues and has an Excellent production team.

The Album begins with Hurricane that starts off with a Rocking set of riffs, percussions and keyboards. An Excellent Instrumental Intro to the Album that has this listener saying, “Oh, Yeah!” You can hear the soulful Rocking Blues aspect of the track
Seasons Four – The end of the Winter, the beginning of Spring and the yearning to know what lies in front of us. The seasons of life are like the seasons of this region the Band is singing about. Sublime lyrics, vocals and sonics. Some powerful, thought provoking vocals/lyrics are the underlying theme until the riffs/solos & keys come in. It’s almost like there’s a subliminal vocal enhancer because the vocals really come out and all at once the music gives a defining moment.
Breakaway – Some sublime picking begin the track. Spent a lifetime living up to promises made, such insightful lyrics delivered by a set of pipes we all wish we had. Thought provoking track with some blissful type of outstanding arrangement for sure.
You’ve Got Your Reasons – A Rocking groove with the trademark Dark Horse Flyer sound. This is Top Shelf. When I think of Southern Rock, this is what I think of, intelligent, thought provoking, grooving and flowing easily. Just a Superb offering from Dark Horse Flyer.
Evil Woman – A quintessential Dark Horse Flyer track & they’re offering a free download at the moment for this one. A Rocking Blues power story about the woman. Upbeat and Rocking are some superlatives for this track and I would say it is the Best track, but I’ve heard all of them and they all are the Best. Deeply impressive, deep lyrically and the sonics of this track are as though inducing as the entire album. By the time you get to this song, you will realize what a gem you have with this album.
Since You’ve Been Gone – Slow, Rocking groove begins an excellent track. The lyricist in this song allows much thought process of how this relates to us. Some bluesy guitar and it sounds like back to back solos of some of the most Rocking Blues licks I’ve heard.
You’ve Got A Hold On Me – Upbeat and positive beat groove. lyrically & vocally Rocking with some excellent sonics. A Rocking attraction tune of a woman who has us in deep though about her qualities. This is truly a Super upbeat song that one will never get enough of.
Better Days – A slower groove of Blues Rock with excellent vocals and sonics. A Rocking Love Tune that’s very Bluesy and Sublime. Some fantastic riffs and great percussion section Rock out a positive groove.
No Good – Some Rocking grooves with the keyboard and percussion section. What impresses me the most from this song and the entire album is that it’s all positive. It’s all upbeat with a good mood experience and a good Blues Rock experience. A fitting end to the album with the sonics and vocals as well as lyrically.
This is the best Blues Rock offering, released 9/30, of 2014 I’ve heard from any Band. A powerhouse of a Blues Rock Album and there’s no weak spot. Every track is spot-on excellent and the folks who’ve been lucky enough to hear them in concert will agree. I would highly recommend catching this Band in concert and owning this Superb Rocking Blues Album.

Don Mularz (lead vocals, guitar)
Scott Lane (guitar, vocals)
John Tillman, (guitar)
Richard Taylor (bass)
Raul Hernandez (drums, percussion)
Bob Taylor (keyboards)

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