Kulture Kill – Bent – Album Review

Kulture Kill – Bent

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

Just a little intro as to how I got turned on to Kulture Kill. My son has lived in Shreveport for almost 10 years and is a Sound Tech. He’s worked around at some of the nightclubs and in his work, he’s had the opportunity to meet this incredible Hard Rock/Metal Band, purchase their Album Bent and he gave it to me to listen to. I was blown away and the rest is history.
Bent begins with spoken word followed by an impressive melodious shower of Raw Metal. Lyrically brlliant with forceful vocals and sublime percussions. Time sig changes are a Super touch with some melodious Metal riffs and great percussions. The vocals are something to behold because they are pure Straight Metal vocals, no gutterals at all.
Catorce’ – Begins with power riffs that Rock nicely. Vocals on all tracks are forceful and sure, with a melodious Metal voice. One of the Best true male fronted Hard Rock/Metal Bands I’ve heard in a very long time. My ears are screaming “Crank it up!”.
Sentient – Begins with dueling guitars and a spoken word with the powerful vocals coming in like a hurricane. Some Rocking guitar riffs reverberate with smashing vocals and excellent percussion. Lyrical depth is awesome.
Again – Slowing things down a bit, some kick ass guitar riffs and melodious power vocals begin the track. The percussions are brilliant with pounding prowess while the riffs come across with a juiced up melodious rage of brilliance.
Bring it Down – Fifth song on the Album starts off very Rocking Thrash Metal. Hellacious Riffs, Metal percussions and some powerful vocals ring out Rocking Melodious Raging Bull that kicks ass. Time sig changes with a Rocking spoken word chant that leads back to the powrful vocals that seem to be a trademark of this Album.
Look At Me Now!!! begins with some excellent vocals and power riffs a Hard Rock/Metal fan will enjoy. Lyrical depth is deep and wide with some fantastic percussions.
Wake Up begins with a Rockingly melodious Bass riff that fans will enjoy. The heavy guitar riffs are something to Rock out to and the percussions are always creative and precise. Time sig change slows things down yet the track it spot on Hard Rock/Metal and then changes back to a Rocking set of riffs and power vocals. When I say power vocals, I mean straight vocals, yet powerful. Not even a throaty purr in this Album. Just Straight-Up Straight power vocals.
Levee starts things off with a slower tempo yet is unmistakeably Hard Rock/Metal. Forceful vocals with some time sig changes that take the song from a softer Metal to a Raging Bull and back to the slower beat. Excellent guitar solos, riffs and the percussionist is there accentuating every riff and vocal with precision.
This Album has everything a Hard Rock/Metal fan is looking for, the well placed power riffs, the vocals are brilliantly forceful with excellent percussions. The sonics are great and there is a super story being told throughout the Album. Bent gets a two thumbs up.

Buy the Album here:http://www.amazon.com/Bent-Kulture-Kill/dp/B00KK1QBF2/ref=sr_1_2?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1426092827&sr=1-2&keywords=Kulture+Kill

Julie Gunn – The Patchwork Green – Must Have Album

Julie Gunn – The Patchwork Green
Genre – Soft Rock w/Classical Composition/some ProgRock and an English Folk Song
Julie Gunn is a magnificent Artist and the Album is uplifting with positive vibes. The first song, Spread Our Wings is a good example of what’s in the Album in it’s distictively British (which is lovely) style. Some fantastic guitar work and Julie plays Bass on Cymbaline/Rhythm on some songs and Lead on all. I can’t say enough about her positive guitar prowess and her overall skill as a composer.
The Patchwork Green is a brilliant 14 track Album with style and a Rocking bill of grooves I enjoy in an Album. She has allowed us to hear Spread Our Wings, the first track of the Album and it’s very much appreciated! The entire Album is a “Can’t Miss” as a “Must Have Album” in the CarayzeeDiamond Blog!
Two Thumbs up to this Solid as Rock Album!

You can purchase the Album here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Julie-Gunn-Patchwork-Green/dp/B00SYNM11G/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1425784289&sr=1-1&keywords=Julie+Gunn

24K – Cracking The Vault – Must have Album

24K – Cracking the Vault
Genre – Straight-Up Rock!

When I hear this set of original numbers, I think of Retro 70s Rock. Were we back in the 70s, what I’m listening to now, 24K, is exactly what I’d expect then. Total hit after hit of Rocking music that is upbeat, positive and provides excellent vibes. We all have that go-to album we use for the positive vibes and this is mine. Not a better cast of artists on any album I’ve ever that’s better at what they do. ~46 minutes of Rocking pleasure.


Phil Naro Vocals (Peter Criss, Talas, DDrive, Lee Aaron)
Mladen guitar, keyboards, harp (Von Groove)
Billy Sheehan bass (Talas, MR. Big, David Lee Roth, Niacin)
Roger Banks Drums, Percussion (Liberty N’ Justice)
Chris Sevdalis keyboards (Distant Cry)
Omar Davis keyboards
Slav Simonic guitar (Eidolon)
Stan Miczek bass (Honeymoon Suite)

Cloud Atlas – Beyond the Vale – Album of the Week

Genre – Prog/Rock
Album of the Week
Cloud Atlas was nominated and won Best Newcomer at the Classic Rock Society Awards on Feb 15 of 2015!
Excellent Prog Album that made many top 10 lists for 2014, having been released in June.  This album is great from hitting play to the last track note.  Gentle flowing story with positive vibes puts one on a Rockingly sweet journey through the album.  Great sonics and super sweet vocals! Genuinely a Top Shelf album and I highly recommend this for your audio library!

**Cloud Atlas at CRS Awards!**

Insites – Insites

Incite – Incite
genre – Alt/Rock
Insites are an AltRock Band from South Florida with a Rocking Brand of music. If one is looking for an Excellent New AltRock Band, look no further. Insites has everything, the sonics, the vocals and the deep lyrics one is looking for in today’s AltRock, great percussions, riffs, solos and spot-on superb vocals. This album is in my library and never ventures far from the go button. Take a listen and see what you think!

Dark Horse Flyer – Breakaway

It’s “The Year of the Horse”  Dark Horse Flyer, that is.  Breakaway is a Rock & Blues Band from South Florida and, let me tell you, they are good.  Whatever Brand of Rock you listen to, these guys connect with Rock on a level that I haven’t heard in a very long time.  They have a new Album out called Breakaway, it’s available in single and double vinyl as well as CD!  Take a listen for yourself and see about it!  Dark Horse Flyer made Album of the Week and Must Have Album.


Don Mularz (lead vocals, guitar)

Scott Lane (guitar, vocals)

John Tillman, (guitar)

Richard Taylor (bass)

Raul Hernandez (drums, percussion)

Bob Taylor (keyboards)

Unified Past – Spots

From the Beginning of this Album it’s all uplifting, positive vibes & good grooves. This is a great Prog/Metal Album, filled with insightful & thought provoking riffs, percussions and the vocals are straight-up fantastic. I’ve owned this for some time now and it’s always a go-to Album and also a great stoner Album when you want the mood to be uplifting.  I highly recommend a listen as well as an essential ProgMetal Album for your collection.

Steve, Vic and Dave

Dave Kerzner – New World

#PsychedelicRock #StonerAlbums Highly Recommended Album!

Dave Kerzner’s New World is One of the gems of 2014! If you are a fan of Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons Project, Early Rush and Progressive Rock, This Album will tickle your senses in a way few Albums do! This Progressive Rock Album is an uplifting Album & works well, whether you are on the couch in your own home or just listening to some fantastic Rock Audio while you are working. A fav of mine and I purchased the Deluxe version! Well worth the little bit extra! One of a kind, this, as it’s completely that! Available in all the download formats one could ask for, flac, apple & mp3, plus a few more! Don’t miss out on the free listen!!