Fire Garden – Sound of Majestic Colors – Album Review

Fire Garden – Sound of Majestic Colors – Album Review

Genre – Prog Metal/Rock

Rating: 2 Thumbs-Up, Highly Recommended

The opening of The Joker is fantastic with spoken word dialog building to a hellacious power riff that immediately put me in a Metal state of mind. Excellent vocals and deep lyrics with spot-on percussion. Alone Super time sig changes add to the wow factor of the album. I’m totally impressed with the changing gears throughout the album with the emphasis in that statement being that Fire Garden maintains the Metal feel of the first three tracks while doing so. With Time Machine, the haunting riffs/vocals have a great effect on the listener as well as a great bass line. A track that will have you coming back.

Endless Memories, Redemption Nice vocals and starting off easy and is sort of a catalyst track that propels us into the next phase of the album. The Fire Garden fans chipped in with versions of “I am free” in several languages which is totally cool and add significantly to Redemption.

Behind the Face – The return to Metal a Cool easy starting track that quickly transforms into a Metal laden riff that you can sink those Metal teeth into. It just keeps getting more and more Metal Rocks out Gold. Forsaken Begins with a Metal Riff followed by distinctively Metal picking. The vocals are sublime and the percussions are out of this World. Changing time sigs, riffs, vocals and the picking really set this track as my personal favorite of the album. Echoes in Silence Begins with a thunderous set of Metal riffs that are very cool. The vocals are super as the bass line and guitar. I also am very much enjoying the percussion. The track quickly changes gear and you gotta hear this to believe it. Super sonics and quickly switches back to the heavy Metal laden riffs and beats. Far From Grace Another fav of the album. This power track is a Rocking offering that will have your Metal senses rolling.

The Last Step The finale of the album starts off with some pure Metal strumming, heavy-duty style and quickly evolves into great guitar solo and perhaps slow but precisely Metal. The percussions are particularly Rocking.
The album definitely comes on as a concept album. The flow is very sweet and the lyrics are very deep. Power chording throughout the track with a tremendous melody and fantastic bass.
The album as a whole is a Rock Solid ProgMetal offering from Fire Garden. I’ve owned this album for a few months and it’s one of my favorite ProgMetal albums of the library. I highly recommend the offering and I’ve heard that the digital download is on sale for President’s Day but only for a couple of days, as it goes off sale Weds morning, suggesting that it’s as good a deal in ProgMetal as there has ever been. Be sure and check out their facebook page if you do FB, and enjoy the free listen! It’s all about the music!

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