Kulture Kill – Bent – Album Review

Kulture Kill – Bent

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

Just a little intro as to how I got turned on to Kulture Kill. My son has lived in Shreveport for almost 10 years and is a Sound Tech. He’s worked around at some of the nightclubs and in his work, he’s had the opportunity to meet this incredible Hard Rock/Metal Band, purchase their Album Bent and he gave it to me to listen to. I was blown away and the rest is history.
Bent begins with spoken word followed by an impressive melodious shower of Raw Metal. Lyrically brlliant with forceful vocals and sublime percussions. Time sig changes are a Super touch with some melodious Metal riffs and great percussions. The vocals are something to behold because they are pure Straight Metal vocals, no gutterals at all.
Catorce’ – Begins with power riffs that Rock nicely. Vocals on all tracks are forceful and sure, with a melodious Metal voice. One of the Best true male fronted Hard Rock/Metal Bands I’ve heard in a very long time. My ears are screaming “Crank it up!”.
Sentient – Begins with dueling guitars and a spoken word with the powerful vocals coming in like a hurricane. Some Rocking guitar riffs reverberate with smashing vocals and excellent percussion. Lyrical depth is awesome.
Again – Slowing things down a bit, some kick ass guitar riffs and melodious power vocals begin the track. The percussions are brilliant with pounding prowess while the riffs come across with a juiced up melodious rage of brilliance.
Bring it Down – Fifth song on the Album starts off very Rocking Thrash Metal. Hellacious Riffs, Metal percussions and some powerful vocals ring out Rocking Melodious Raging Bull that kicks ass. Time sig changes with a Rocking spoken word chant that leads back to the powrful vocals that seem to be a trademark of this Album.
Look At Me Now!!! begins with some excellent vocals and power riffs a Hard Rock/Metal fan will enjoy. Lyrical depth is deep and wide with some fantastic percussions.
Wake Up begins with a Rockingly melodious Bass riff that fans will enjoy. The heavy guitar riffs are something to Rock out to and the percussions are always creative and precise. Time sig change slows things down yet the track it spot on Hard Rock/Metal and then changes back to a Rocking set of riffs and power vocals. When I say power vocals, I mean straight vocals, yet powerful. Not even a throaty purr in this Album. Just Straight-Up Straight power vocals.
Levee starts things off with a slower tempo yet is unmistakeably Hard Rock/Metal. Forceful vocals with some time sig changes that take the song from a softer Metal to a Raging Bull and back to the slower beat. Excellent guitar solos, riffs and the percussionist is there accentuating every riff and vocal with precision.
This Album has everything a Hard Rock/Metal fan is looking for, the well placed power riffs, the vocals are brilliantly forceful with excellent percussions. The sonics are great and there is a super story being told throughout the Album. Bent gets a two thumbs up.

Buy the Album here:http://www.amazon.com/Bent-Kulture-Kill/dp/B00KK1QBF2/ref=sr_1_2?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1426092827&sr=1-2&keywords=Kulture+Kill

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