24K – Cracking The Vault – Must have Album

24K – Cracking the Vault
Genre – Straight-Up Rock!

When I hear this set of original numbers, I think of Retro 70s Rock. Were we back in the 70s, what I’m listening to now, 24K, is exactly what I’d expect then. Total hit after hit of Rocking music that is upbeat, positive and provides excellent vibes. We all have that go-to album we use for the positive vibes and this is mine. Not a better cast of artists on any album I’ve ever that’s better at what they do. ~46 minutes of Rocking pleasure.


Phil Naro Vocals (Peter Criss, Talas, DDrive, Lee Aaron)
Mladen guitar, keyboards, harp (Von Groove)
Billy Sheehan bass (Talas, MR. Big, David Lee Roth, Niacin)
Roger Banks Drums, Percussion (Liberty N’ Justice)
Chris Sevdalis keyboards (Distant Cry)
Omar Davis keyboards
Slav Simonic guitar (Eidolon)
Stan Miczek bass (Honeymoon Suite)

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