Lyria – Catharsis – Album Review

Lyris – Catharsis – Album Review

Genre: ProgMetal

The True War – Fantastic Symphonic Beginning with Aline’s Super vocals and some throaty melodic responses from backing vocalist.  The lyrics are seemingly to me reminiscent of a real life situation in depth within my own life.  The visceral urge of a male dominant society trying to impose an element of control of the person to whom the album could be portraying.  Excellent Sonics with tremendous female fronted ProgMetal.

Revenge – The sweet sound of stereo separation of a guitar riff begin Revenge.  Some sweet riffs with cool percussion .  The story line is something that is appealing and it’s associated with an issue that effects millions of households worldwide and many can identify with.  The backing vocals are excellent as well.

Jester – Excellent Riffs, and the story talks about the visceral male urge to be the King in his own castle, yet we all know the home always belongs to the woman, an equal partner in the marriage.  The taller us men think we are, the farther we fall when the criticism comes along. Are we Kings or Jesters?  We should face our problems and live in the reality of a 50/50 society.  Now, the 9th and 10th listens, I think of perhaps a situation where the subject is perhaps a King somewhere that is more like a Jester than the King. Just an absolutely stunning portrayal of life.  An excellent story is unfolding within the Rocking riffs and Sublime vocals.  The events aren’t occuring at the moment but in my past I’ve seen a coupe and the sentiments of a man watching a loved one suffer is very powerful.

The Phoenix Cry – The story for me continues with the subject is under such torment that the bleak future has the subject hearing the Phoenix Cry. Some very powerful guitar riffs and the percussion screams out with the beautiful vocals on this track.

Reflection – The piano rings out along with vocals, viewing the reflection of who the subject is in the story that he/she is only a life, with the pulsating of the guitar ringing true and steady and the percussion spot on Rocking.  We are only one life, each of us and we all have secret treasures among us we try to hide.  Awesome guitar riffs throughout.

Insanity – The horror of someone or some force chasing the subject has he/she in a bad state of mind.  Rocking guitar and rhythm with the percussion pounding out a melodic force, this track has me in a temptingly curious state of mind and it’s building to a climactic finish for the track which leads into The Phoenix Rebirth.

The Phoenix Rebirth – The Phoenix Rebirth is like the Phoenix does, after being reduced to ashes, there is a rebirth instead of death.  Some sweet vocals and powerful guitar, percussion gives this track a sweet foundation for the solid lyrics.

Light and Darkness – The guitar work is fantastic with some solid riffs with the percussion pounding out a Rock solid melodious beat. The lyrics take us to the difference between light and dark.  Looking for the answers as to why there was a rebirth and why there was a death to begin with from my vantage point with very powerful vocals.

What Do You Want From Me – The soul cries with a beautiful flute playing when the power chords and percussion breaks out. The vocals are perfect  and awe inspiring with some cool guitar solos that Rock very nicely.

Craven – Sweet acoustic guitar begin the track with the sublime vocals and the story line continues to grow to a finale of tears and joy. This is a super powerful story with excellent sonics.  The percussion are melodious and very uniquely touching in the mind.  I really enjoyed this album.  I’ve listen to it at least 10 times and every time it touches me in a different way, which very few albums have ever done.

I’ve been told by another listener that this story could even be put to the story of Jesus with the phoenix and rebirth and I can really see that in the story as well. The story flows effortlessly throughout the album, whether it’s this or that is immaterial, it flows nicely  This album touches on so many fronts that there’s bound to be something in there for everybody.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Lyria | Catharsis | CD Baby Music Store.

Lyria | Catharsis | CD Baby Music Store

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