Gaillion – Admit One – Album Review

Prologue – Age of Ignora – Excellent Progressive Rock Intro Song. Brilliance in the instrumental intro to deep lyrics, Interesting & Rocking Vocals begin and I think the beauty of this for one is that the song takes it’s time, blissfully uplifting and upbeat that immediately has the listener on a good journey. The Rise and Fall of the Nations, a historic subject where the past keeps repeating itself, from the dawning of the Nation where the good imaginations of the founding fathers mold and shape a Great Nation. The Nations rise and fall. The future is locked in the minds of the present. This is a reflection of what we believe now, we will be in the future. Nations rise and fall throughout history but this story seems to be about the underlying cause of the fall of a Nation which we all should know is the greed of the rich and the blind follow of a great majority of the masses.
Victory Parade – What is striiking in the beginning are the excellent percussion with great vocals and a super lyrical depth you would hear from Yes or Kansas. If you are a fan of Yes and Kansas, you will get into this Album quickly. A Battle is raging in the story line. The evil forces seek to overthrow the good intentions of the current regime. The savior in the story is having to live down past mistakes and the barrage of lies that followed. They finally down the savior by a plague that was cast over the masses it seems. As the good masses are devoured by a casting of blame towards them.
Impact Eighty – Sweet guitar riffs and excellent percussions begin this sublime track. The one who could save or was protecting the masses has abruptly departed. Taking the light from your eyes from your eyes suggests it was a G-d who left. A G-d who was a friend to the people with some sort of umbrella of truth.
The Grand Facade – Lovely track about the facade of lies that are told to prevent aggression in the masses. Teachng Confusion rather than the wisdom that should bind us and solidifying it with permanence as the forefather’s building blocks are cast down. This is coming across as the rise and fall of a nation, or the twilight of a once great nation as it is devoured because of money and the greed of it’s leaders. Amazing that this album is so spot-on concerning what’s going on now in the world we live in. The Story-line is taking shape nicely as it builds itself into a great and meaningful work of art.
In Spectral Eye – The underlying theme of this song is the perils of whisky, Beer and the smoke of lying tonges. What I was told in my youth was to stay away from Whiskey and Beer because they make us dumb. The dumbing-down of the nation in this instance keeps the cloud veil around the masses and the masses will continue to follow blindly without dissent. In all the lies and dumbness, the savior speaks to them from the beyond as if he will take them to a new world where they will become like him, devout with wonders, light in their eyes and able to do the wondrous same things as that savior.
Stellar Dreams – On the other front, the evil empire tries to escape the horrors of what they’ve created on a rapidly decaying Earth. Building colonies and trying in vein to get off the dying planet. But…the righteous and good people, being led by their savior, head to a portal to another planet, leaving the evilness of money and greed behind to be consumed along with the ignorant typ of the masses who created the problems by blindly following greedy leaders. A Battle ensues and the righteous have the upper hand, having the beauty of G-dly type weapons and faith of which to move mountains.
Red Sun Sets – Seems as though a Red Sun has entered the system and the fall of the evil and it’s greed, money is imperative. Their savior returns and it’s a joyous moment of fascination. A prophetic story of awe and wonder that only time will tell. The savior returns with a vengeance. The savior’s past is now as dead as the hypocrites who tried to keep his past alive. As the Red Sunsets!
This isn’t a religious story, it’s a story of how nations rise and fall, I’ve heard their stories and love will conquer all, as it has from the beginning of time. Just a sublime story, vocals, sonics and lyrical genius. I highly recommend this Album to anybody. This Album, Admit One, is a gripping story & one that will take you on a great, entertaining journey through the mindset of man, good and evil, with all the bells and whistles of humanity.
I would like to mention that if you enjoy Kansas or Yes, you will absolutely Love this Album. It’s not Kansas, nor is it Yes, but it definitely fits into the genre of them & every bit as exciting storywise, vocal wise and the sonics are just out of this world good. I would like to thank Gaillion for giving me the opportunity of reviewing this monumental Album.
Rating 5/5


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