Transport Aerian – LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE – Album Review

Transport Aerian – LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE
Transport Aerian

Love – Excellent Bass and guitar begin the song with haunting vocals present. A Rock Opera-Like song, filled with astonishing vocals, lyrics & sonics. Fantastic guitar solo jut after the middle of the song. The love laments for love and comes to grips with the perils and rewards of love. One word for Love; Rich.
Inspire – Nice piano intro that adds a sweet touch. The Love Story is evident now, She is unfaithful, or is she? She has been caught by overwhelming circumstantial evidence. Fantastic Prog song with the piano solo followed by the guitar solo. I’m noticing the almost Mozart way the arrangement comes together.
Fog Vision -The soul of the Album is unsure. haunting intro guitar solo. The woman wants to carry on & the soul of the story is wondering if it’s worth it or not. He knows better than speaking of it in public, but alone, there are books to tell abou it. Sweet lyrics, vocals and sonics fill this song.
Float – Nice intro with guitar picking on what seems to be acoustic and eventually an electric guitar joins in. Sweet change in time signature hits the song like a champ. A two minute blissful instrumental that’s both relaxing and thought inspiring.
Nightsky – Guitar intro, the soul of the Album is hearing wise words from his G*d, sobering words. The time has come. Sweet melody of guitars in the refrain. The soul sees what his life has become.
Winter – A tremendous guitar solo with keys accompanying. Great sonics with the ending being sweet vocals, the Winter of the soul.
Winter Solstice – A beautiful instrumental of multiple guitars picking, sending out a brilliant vibe of tranquility.
Triangle Town – Excellent guitars and a sublime spoken piece begins the song followed by a superb bass line with percussions. The soul of the Album goes through a tumultuous line of problems and I’ll let you see for yourself if he works them out or not! The reason the sonic quality isn’t a surprise to me is because I’m familiar with the Band’s music and those guys require it out of themselves. It is Tops on my Top 20 Stoner Albums for 2014 list and still a current Album.
Radio Void – Scents of the opening song, Love’s intro only shorter, with the same haunting guitar and vocals.A build up to a brilliant Prog Crescendo and a fitting ending! One of 2014’s finest Albums and in my book, one of the finest in the past 20 years. I know you will enjoy this solid as gold album that’s still current by all measurements.
Very Transport Aerian, very unique and hauntingly (in a good way) Rocking. The sonics are Tops in my book. An Album of Sublime Love Story that had me in a good place for the duration. The vocals are as absolutely stunning as the lyrics are deep. I got it. 45-46 minutes in length and a Highly Recommended Album for Rockers and Stoners alike!
5/5 Originality, Sonics, Lyrics, Vocals, and I Got it.
*released 22 April 2014 *

Hamlet: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, loops and samples triggering, real-time programming, Bass (6).
Stefan Boeykens: Guitars, guitar loops.

All music and lyrics except tracks 4 and 7 by Hamlet,
Tracks 4 and 7 by Stefan Boeykens.

Cover photo: Jan Michiels.

Recorded live during different performances in Belgium.

Mixed and produced by Hamlet.

Transport Aerian

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