Dave Kerzner – New World an Album Review

Dave Kerzner – New World

This Review is in my own words how I see the Album. I use metaphors to describe how I think this Brilliant Album is progressing. Thanks for reading!

1. Stranded (Part 1 – V)
Just put the music on and my attention has been captured. This Section of songs gives a good preamble for the entire Album. I’ll throw this in the same genre as Pink Floyd & Alan Parsons project. Taking it’s sweet time & brilliant on the sonic end & with lyrical depth only Gilmour, Waters, Wright or Alan Parsons could deliver on. Beautiful guitar, keys & percussion and nice vocals are there at the beginning and all through This Album. The backing vocals are outstanding & spot on. I would suggest getting the lyrics, You’ll want to sing along.

The Album is a conceptual and delves into the battles within the human consciousness. An awakening of sorts into what is real and the difference between right and wrong. An old Indian proverb tells us that there are two raging wolves inside us all, one evil and one good. Which one wins, one is inclined to ask. The wolf that you feed wins. The same is true of this magnificent Album., where there is a tumultuous battle going on. In the Deluxe edition, there are effectual elements that are well worth the extra bling. I highly recommend the Deluxe Edition. Buying the Deluxe version, you are able to play it one CD at a time, or, … deluge yourself in an almost spiritual immersion into one of the most critically acclaimed Albums of our time full throttle.

As the album progresses, the battles go on from one blissful song, to another, speaking of the fact that our body represents time. Like sands of the hourglass and our time is very short on earth in this costume that we wear. We have little time to keep on the right path, even though each path has many forks in the road that will either deliver us from the calamity we’ve brought ourselves to know or it will compound the error. Life is about choices, either we make the proper choice or we look to the short term gain/long term loss. And as in real life, each new problem we face incorporates the same amount of struggle and the future is made much easier when the good side of us is continuously fed. Bare in mind that everything is spot-on during the Album’s entirety. The sonics, the vocals, the backing vocals and the lyrics.

With the song Realign, the soul comes to the point where the good wolf has become very strong, going through the realization that life’s a stage where we must all play a part. The soul is awakening to a better way of life. Awaking to the good within us and realigning with all that is good. This Brilliant Album is short of 2.5 hours in length and while bringing an amazing performance can easily be an evenings worth of Blissful listening. Again, I would like to repeat: Get the lyrics because you will be right along with it all the way!

Nexus, New World & Redemption (Stranded, Parts VI-X) Well, I’m going to leave them be. I don’t want to spoil the ending and it’s very good. I Highly Recommend this Album to everybody who has ever even so much as thought about the struggles we go through on a Daily Basis, the ups and downs of life, the hills and valleys, which path to take or a number of life questions. I know you will enjoy!
Have an iPod or an Apple listening device? NO Problem! Bandcamp.com offers download formats for everything except PONO at the moment. I’m not so sure how long it will be before even PONO is offered! Bandcamp.com Rocks!

Dave Kerzner – Vocals Tracks 1-11
Keyboards Tracks 1-11
Guitar Tracks 2,4,6,9
Drum Programming Tracks 4,6,8
Fernando Perdomo – Guitar Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
Bass Tracks 1,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
Nick D’Virgilio – Drums Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7,9,10,11
Steve Hackett – Guitar Tracks 1,11
Francis Dunnery – Guitar Tracks 10,11
Russ Parish – Guitar Track 6
Colin Edwin – Bass Track 2
Billy Sherwood – Bass Track 5
Keith Emerson – Moog Modular Synth (via Sonic Reality) Track 5
Simon Phillips – Drums Track 5
Durga McBroom – Vocals Tracks 1,11
Lorelei McBroom – Vocals Tracks 7,8
Jason Scheff – Vocals Tracks 1,11
David Longdon – Vocals Track 10
Emily Lynn – Vocals Tracks 8,11
Lara Smiles – Vocals Track 8
Heather Findlay – Vocals Track 2
Maryem Tollar – Vocals Track 6
Christine Leakey – Vocals Track 7
Ana Cristina – Vocals Track 1

Produced by Dave Kerzner

Mixed by Dave Kerzner
except “Stranded” mixed by Tom Lord-Alge
Assistant Mix Engineering & Editing by Chris Holmes

Mastered by Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen for Lurssen Mastering

Artwork and Graphic Design by Christine Leakey
Cover Art by Dave Kerzner

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