CarayzeeDiamond’s Top 20 Stoner Albums for 2014

The need arose for an expanded Top Album List because there are so many excellent Albums out there and the individual tastes may differ between listeners. Anyhow, this is my expanded Top 20 Stoner Albums for 2014.

Stoner Albums are different from the standard Pop, Rock, Metal & Jazz Albums. Stoners generally enjoy thought and thought patterns and require a much more complex format in their music. I hope you enjoy the selected Top 20 Stoner Albums that were released in 2014 and please note that there aren’t any major label releases on here & Only the Top 3 are numbered! Wishing you all a Happy and Safe New Year!
When possible, always order from the Artist’s website when buying Albums. These guys are Professional but they do have day jobs so they can keep getting the Great stuff to us because they are Independent of a Major Label and do everything themselves. Another thing to think about is “do you want vinyl?” For me, the answer is, Yes, anytime I can purchase vinyl, I do. No more boring you!! Peace Out!

Yes – Heaven and Earth
Another Great Release from Yes! This one ranks up there with 90125, Relayer and all the Greats, including Fragile and Close to the Edge. Straight-Up Yes and a Stoner Favorite Band for decades.

Haken – Restoration
35 minute EP or the equivalent of an old vinyl LP. They say the Best Artists shoot for a 45 minute Album becaue that’s about as long as most folks want to sit and listen to an Album in it’s entirety. Well this Album Rocks very well and it will leave you wanting more. It’s a Solid Stoner Album thats deep with excellent arrangement and really cool vocals. Very popular and in demend in the Prog scene, Haken is always a solid performer with The Mountain, Visions and Aquarius Albums out as well. You can’t go wrong with Haken!

Progeland – Gate To Fulfilled Fantasy
Concept Album on the Mythology of Ancient Egypt. A definitive selection for the Top Twenty List as Progeland goes Yard with the Bases Juiced! Just a Sublime Album with deep lyrics, excellent arrangements and vocals that will rock you for the ages! Take a free listen and see for yourself.

Jethro Tull – Homo Erraticus
Another Top Shelf Album from Jethro Tull! This could be many AOY on many lists and it’s one of the Albums for the Ages in my Book. Another of the Twenty Albums to Have for 2014!

Howard Sinclair – The Light Broke In
Another of 2014’s Best Offerings! Howard Sinclair is a Phenomenal Artist with one for the ages! Check this out and see if it hits for you!

Cosmograf – Capacitor
Another for the list is “Cosmograf – Capacitor”. A stunning album that will make a ton of Best-Of lists and rightfully so. The Album is a must have for the library and highly recommended Rock listening. I will say it’s like IQ’s The Road of Bones in Artistic Quality and Listenability. Hands down a great Stoner album.

Xbox music has it for listening before you purchase or you can listen here:

Opeth – Pale Communion
Another Album for the ages. Opeth has gone from one of the Best ProgMetal Bands to one of the Best ProgRock Bands to ever have existed. Pale Communion has Everything a Prog Rock Alum should have and they do it so well! Highly Recommended Stoner Listening & Heavy on the buy list! Official Site, where you can listen, watch videos and purchase the Album!

You can get the vinyl here.

Lunatic Soul – Walking on a Flashlight Beam
A Sublime Album, complex, yet Rocking with a cool Groove! Try it out! It’s on Xbox Music, my place of choice as a Music Service because they pay out the most to the Artists and have the Best New Rock Selection. Recommended Stoner Rock Listening.
OOOh! It’s available on Vinyl!!

Fish on Friday – Godspeed
Excllent Progressive Music and Worthy of Stoner Album Status! Godspeed is a Rock Solid Album and Highly Recommended Listening for Stoners everywhere!

Big Wreck – Ghosts
You will have to listen to this one. An Album that is uplifting and intricate, complex yet finite with a major kick for your listening pleasure.
For purchasing & listening links, hit this:

Big Wreck – Ghosts was just nominated for a JUNO Award in Canada for Best Rock Album! Definitely a Top Album for 2014!

Flying Colors – Second Nature
An excellent Album you are sure to sink your ears and mind into. One of my favorites in any generation of Music and recommended Stoner Listening. Meet the Band and immerse yourself!

Gong – I See You
An uplifting, beaty beauty that is sure to tickle your aural senses. Gong has everything a Prog Album should have and one that is sure to keep the excitement going throughout. It does with me.
Immerse Yourself!

Voice of the Enslaved – Voice of the Enslaved
One of the most controversial Albums and one that Stoners are sure to get into. The Album is a Special Project of Blake Carpenter with support from musicians such as Robert McClung! An excellent Album that will have you Rocking with good thoughts. A personal favorite Album that I highly recommend for any and all stoners.

IQ – The Road of Bones
Could easily be interchanged for any of the top 6 Albums as it’s one of the Albums that has the deep lyrics & excellent arrangement. Definitely worth the listens and this one is on many Best Of lists and will be a mainstay on many playlists. Just a Sublime Album.

Cloud Atlas – Beyond the Vale
Excellent Prog Rock with Heidi Widdop, Martin Ledger, Stu Carver, Dave Randall and Ian Halford! This Album has everything a Stoner Album should have. Thought provoking lyrics, Changing signatures, Awesome vocals & what could be the best arrangement of 2014.

Morpheus Rising – Eximius Humanus
NWoBHM Band with clean vocals and twin lead guitars Rocks! Eximius Humanus is a critically acclaimed Metal Album that is deeper than the Atlantic Riff and wider than the Pacific.

Anathema – Distant Satellites
Made many lists this year & for obvious reasons. Very reflective theme that will have you grooving with ease. Excellent vocals & arrangement.

1c. Marco Ragni – Mother From The Sun
This is a Quintessential Stoner Album to have in the Music Library. It won’t take more than one listen to get in to this Fabulous Album release. Marco Ragni has put together a beautiful Story of the Relationship between Man and Nature! It’s about Inner Growth, something every Stoner is concerned about and it does it with much Grace and Eloquence. Love IS the only engine of Survival in this World and you will get a massive treat with this Top Stoner Album for 2014.

Free listen from the link above. If you get the Album, be sure and get it from MRR Store & save a little. (I know from experience that the MRR Store is the BEST place to order + you get a wider selection of download formats like mp3, flac, and even iTunes Format like AIFF or AIC or M4a is available in one or another.

1b. Transport Aerian – LOVE.BLOOD.LIVE
Transport Aerian is at the Top and has been in the poll for 4 months. A sublime album that induces thought and is full of Artistic expression to the maximum. I don’t know of a better Stoner Album for 2014.

1a. Corvus Stone II
A major force in Prog, Colin Tench lays out a Stellar performance with such a cast of musicians and vocalist, it’s sure to Rock you just right. It’s been voted by the Fans as in the Top Ten of ALL albums of 2014, including Pink Floyd, Yes, and all the major label Bands. It’s a Rocking Album you will Definitely enjoy. If you can, order the CD and choose the flac option for downloading the immediate dl you are allowed. flac is almost vinyl quality or as close as you will get in digital.

One thought on “CarayzeeDiamond’s Top 20 Stoner Albums for 2014

  1. *It’s Super Big Wreck – Ghosts in now nominated for Best Rock Album and up for a Juno Award. Ghosts is surely a Top Album and currently still, a Top Album The Rock Bands, and all subgenres of Rock Music, are just Fantastic these days. Try the New Rock.*


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